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Flat Earth 5

The Brief

Design an overarching brand with three street food brands with individual food offerings to sit beneath its umbrella. The brands must be modern and relevant, friendly and approachable yet professional and stand out amongst competitors at festivals, street markets, private parties and major events.

The Solution

First we designed an identity for Wylam Event Catering, which simply had to say 'food  / catering', allowing space more specific street food offerings.

We then got to work on three initial street food brands. Flat Earth, selling flatbreads with various delicious fillings, Philly Deli, specialising in American-style Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches with fries, and Veganosaurus, tapping into the growing demand for plant-based street food offerings.

Once the brand designs had been developed, finalised and signed off, we rolled them out across branded signage, clothing and a website, which can be viewed here.

Wylam Event catering Logo
Wylam Event Catering Company Structure

Wylam Event Catering Signage

Flat Earth Logo

Flat Earth Logo

Philly Deli Logo

Philly Deli Logo

Veganosaurus Logo

Veganosaurus Logo

Veganosaurus banner

Veganosaurus Signage

Flat Earth T-shirt

Flat Earth Uniform

Philly Deli T-shirt

Philly Deli Uniform

Veganosaurus T-Shirt

Veganosaurus Uniform

WEC Website 1

Wylam Event Catering Website

WEC Website 2